What are we missing….?


We’ve now been here for a month. We are living more simply, but also more abundantly and joyfully, than ever before. The path to get to this place was rocky and steep, but it has only made attaining the summit that much more rewarding. Friends and family ask, “What are you guys missing…?” And while there are some things we want to complain about (i.e. missing family celebrations, tacos, candy, and Mac ‘n Cheese) the answer is nothing. Nothing is really missing. We are living in God’s will and, for the moment, basking in the victory of walking in obedience… We know struggle will come again to our lives, but for now, joy, peace and contentment prevail.

Life Here

Last week, I traveled to the DMV in Chiang Rai to get my Thai driver’s license. I was pretty nervous anticipating questions on Thai driving law and parallel parking. Not to mention driving situation here is chaotic. Mostly the driving rules seem to be more of suggestions. It’s common to find cars driving in the wrong lane, down the middle of the road, or stopped on the highway for no other reason than that the driver saw some bananas to pick.

Luckily for me, the driving test included no actual driving! It did include: identifying the colors red, yellow, and green, having my blood pressure taken, and watching a video which was mostly footage of car crashes. An hour later I left with my new drivers license in hand! The longest part of the whole process might’ve been nodding politely while the DMV clerk showed me pictures of an “American actress” she once met while she recounted the story of their meeting. The story lasted about 17 minutes and was completely in Thai. For the duration, I only understood the words “American” and “Actress”.

We’ve made trips to the morning market with the kids, gone swimming at a local pool, started a Wednesday night bible study for the children, attended parent teacher conferences, and traded notes with the kids on our favorite foods and what life is like back home (for both us and them).

Kahlan is doing really well in school. Her favorite day of the week is Friday because they practice swimming and Taekwondo. She has expressed some frustration that they have not yet been allowed to karate chop each other. Not even once.

Praise report:

We have been blessed with another pair of hands to help. Just a few days ago, a woman from Burma (Ms. Rebecca) joined us at the children’s home. She was set to join another ministry in Burma with her brother and that opportunity fell through, she prayed about the situation and was lead here. Now when the Pillon’s leave for the U.S., I won’t be on my own. I know this is an answered prayer. Thank you everyone who has been praying for us!

Finally, we have a young woman named Claire coming from Texas to help for six weeks beginning Monday. We are excited for her to join us! Her and I will be visiting Cambodia in July to distribute water pasteurization indicators (WAPI’s) to the villages, along with some rice, sugar, and clean drinking water.

Please keep praying for us! We love and miss you all…

In Christ,

Monika and Kahlan


We made it!

Hi friends,

We’re writing to let you know that we made it safely! Today, we’ve actually been here for a week. It’s hard to believe. The first few days were kind of a blur because we were so tired and there was so much to do (paperwork to take care of, health screenings, visits to the government offices to get a work permit, and checking out Kahlan’s new school), etc. Since then, we’ve caught up on our sleep and have been getting to know our new family.

There are 8 girls, and 1 boy, at the home (including Kahlan now). The two littlest girls are 3 (boy are they a handful!), and the oldest girl is 13. The children here are so well behaved and helpful. Kahlan is trying really hard to learn all the new rules, it been a little bit of a challenge at times. Her and I have both come to the realization that generally, kids in the U.S. have it pretty darn easy.

She and the other kids all started school yesterday. They all looked so cute in their uniforms! Check out the new picture gallery to see them all. There is another girl here at the house Kahlan’s age (Melody) and the two are in the same class at school. Melody speaks some English and will be helping Kahlan at school until she becomes more fluent in Thai. Unfortunately, the two got into a fist fight at school yesterday (the very first day!). Aggh. Kahlan’s first, and hopefully last one. Neither would confess what it was about…(kids!!) but it gave us a good opportunity to discuss being kind and what the word of God says about how we should treat others and deal with conflict.

The Pillon’s are planning on heading back to the States in mid-July so we have about 2 months to get up to speed before I take over for them and we are on our own here for a while. In anticipation, I am working on learning the layout of the town and the driving rules (or lack of might be a better description!) so that I can take the kids to school and get around on my own.

I hope this note found all of you well…we are thinking about, missing, and praying for you.

With love,

Monika and Kahlan

P.S. We are at about 75% of our funding needed for the year. Please consider praying about supporting us on a monthly basis. There is more information under the “Support” tab on the website.





Sending Party

Hi all!

Well….Kahlan and I will be flying out in just over a week (May 8th!). I really can’t believe how fast time went by. We are both really excited, and want to extend an invitation to you to attend our Sending Party this Sunday, April 30th. At the gathering you will get a chance to hear a little more about our journey and pray with us before we go.

We will be meeting at 12:45 PM in room B-8 at Little Country Church. All are welcome.

Please RSVP to me by Friday (via email: [email protected]) to let me know if you will be coming. Kahlan and I are making some dessert to bring to the party.

If I don’t see you there, or you RSVP that you can’t make it, no worries. I will be sending out an newsletter afterwards to keep you in the loop.

Peace and love to you,
Monika and Kahlan

A month left to go!

You may or may not know by now that about a month ago, with about 8 weeks to go until the move, I injured my knee. I dislocated it at the gym, and in the process, tore a ligament and fractured a bone. I want to be really honest and say this is the point that I wanted to give up. So badly.

In the last 6 months I’ve faced an overwhelming amount of doubt, discouragement, worry, fear, confusion, rejection, resentment, frustration, anxiety, and uncertainty surrounding the decision to go. Just when I thought I had cleared every hurdle, I lost my ability to walk by doing some silly cross fit routine at the gym. It was recommended that I have surgery. I spent two weeks on my couch. Just me and my bible and all my resentment, my anger, and my issues God told me I couldn’t take with me if I wanted to go. It was a humbling and challenging time. Besides, that, it was so confusing. Was God shutting the door on this to me? Was it a trial to overcome? Or a denial on His part? It was so tempting to put the trip off – just for a while, to some undetermined date in the future, after I had surgery and healed up. In the midst of this, I actually gave up and decided not to go at one point. Continue reading

We’re Moving to Thailand!

In May 2017 Kahlan and I will be joining Brenda and Charlie Pillon at their children’s home in Mae Sai, Thailand. I will be lending a hand as a house mom and helping with local outreach. Kahlan will be attending the 1st grade at a local school. We have committed to spending a year there, and we are so excited!

We would be honored if you would pray about partnering with us in meeting our spiritual or physical needs.


Spiritual needs include prayer for: health, safety, wisdom, boldness, physical strength, patience and joy.

Physical needs include: monthly montary support, a large suitcase, and a lap top computer.