We are currently serving at a children’s home in Mae Sai, Thailand. The home aims to keep at-risk children out of the sex trafficking industry, aide local communities, and provide Bible Leadership Training to Burmese pastors and teachers. My role will be as a house mom and to assist with local outreach and ministry, as needed. Kahlan will be attending the first grade at a local Thai school with some of her new brothers and sisters.

Our home-base is Redding, CA where we typically attend Little Country Church. I grew up in Redding before moving to Sacramento to go to school and start my career as a CPA. After 10 years away from home, I made the decision to move back to raise Kahlan nearer to family.

I’ve worked for the last 5 years for Shasta County and loved every minute of it. It was never my intention to become a missionary, but when you pray for a God-given purpose and a dream for your life you must be prepared for something unexpected. Luckily, God doesn’t give us anything that doesn’t fit the shape he made us in. For better or worse, God created me with a curious and wandering heart. He also gave me a love of volunteering and travel. This calling, although both unexpected and challenging, is a welcome one.

I believe once you have a family, they become your primary mission field in life. My daughter Kahlan is still mine. I am hoping that this time spent in Thailand will help us grow stronger together; as a family and also in our faith.

“May the favor¬†of our Lord rest upon us and establish the work of our hands.”¬†Psalm 90:17